5 Winter Wardrobe Essentials & Must-Haves

Maroon and navy fall blanket scarf

Bust out the chunky boots, oversized sweaters, and your favorite Christmas albums — the coziest time of the year is finally upon us! As much as we love the summertime at Girls Round Here, our hearts get warm and fuzzy when the temperatures start taking a dip.

When it comes to fashion, we hope you’re as excited as we are about our cold-weather wardrobe refresh. As soon as the weather starts cooling up, we start thinking about all of the everyday essentials that can be layered and styled to create endless winter ensembles that are cute, classy, and cozy.

Today, we’re sharing our top 5 winter accessories for ladies who love sweater-weather as much as we do.

1. Pom Pom Beanie

knit leopard-print pom pom beanie

No list of winter wardrobe essentials would be complete without some cozy headwear. While some like rockin’ lightweight beanies all year long, we suggest digging the extra thick-knit pom-pom beanies out of winter storage when it starts to get chilly. Thick, cozy knits with pom-poms and fringe are the perfect way to add charm to a practical piece. Not only do they keep your head warm, but they’re the best way to hide a bad hair day, while still looking cute.

2. Knit Headwraps

young woman wearing white knit headwrap outside

Looking to bundle up your head and ears without risking hat-hair? Chunky, knit headwraps are the answer. Not only are these winter wardrobe essentials cozy, but they serve double-duty: keeping your head warm and your hair out of your face. These are ideal for those days when you want to wear something on your head but don’t want to hide your fresh blow-out.

3. Blanket Scarves

Pink, grey, and black plaid blanket scarf with fringe

Timeless, stylish, and extra snuggly — blanket scarves are one of the best winter accessories for ladies. As the name implies, blanket scarves are oversized versions of traditional scarves. Not only do they effortlessly elevate any winter outfit, but they are twice as warm and cozy as your typical scarf. These are definitely one of our favorite winter wardrobe essentials that is sure to become a cold-weather staple for you, too.

4. Oversized Cardigan

Knit beige balloon-sleeve oversized cardigan

Perfect on their own or layered up to keep warm, nothing beats a cute cardigan. These versatile closet must-haves are ideal for when you want to keep things light or bundle up by layering with a cute coat or leather jacket. With so many style options — long-line, oversized, fitted, cropped — cardigans are quintessential winter wardrobe essentials for ladies who like to switch things up day by day.

5. Knit Gloves

White knit gloves with black and red plaid cuffs

For those days when it’s so cold that even our fingers need a little coziness, the right pair of chic knit gloves are essentials for your winter wardrobe. They add warmth and class to your winter looks while keeping your digits nice and toasty. Pair them with a matching scarf or beanie for a chic, cohesive look that keeps you bundled up in style.

Are you as excited for winter as we are? Shop our winter accessories and more to stay stylish, comfy, and warm this holiday season!