A Simply Southern Dress, T-Shirt, or Tumbler: They’re All Here

Merry christmass dress

At Girls ‘Round Here, we pride ourselves on the fact that our customers come to us time and time again for those cute looks they crave in their favorite brands. Whether you’re looking for a classic t-shirt with some Southern spirit from Southern Marsh or a shirt to show off your positive attitude from Life Is Good, we have them all here.

That doesn’t even address one of our most popular brands, and a constant crowd favorite. One of our most consistently in-demand brands is Simply Southern, and we’ve grown to the point that we don’t just fall back on Simply Southern t-shirts anymore. If you’re looking for your favorite SS branded gear, it’s all right here. Just check out this sampling of all of the different Simply Southern apparel, accessories, and goods for the home that we offer right here in our online store!

A Simply Southern Dress

Step (virtually) right into our online shop if you’re looking for a Simply Southern dress. We offer a number of cute styles in our collection and there’s something you’ll love about each of them.

Don’t be put off by the name, either because these are the types of dresses that will not only have you looking great but feeling great. Plus, cozy, soft, and comfortable, a  Simply Southern dress like one of these will change the way you think about style and comfort!

Check out our collection of Simply Southern Sweater Dresses, which are made from soft, warm polyester and spandex blends with a delightful fleece lining so you will be cozy and comfortable wherever you go. Each of them has an applique across the front and comes with a leather “Simply Southern” patch.

If you’ve never tried out a sweater dress before now’s the time to make that change. They’re great for brisk nights but you’ll probably love wearing one around the house as well; they’re warm, comfortable and, best of all, you’ll be styling.

SimplySouthern Short Sleeve Tees

Even if you aren’t looking for a Simply Southern dress, you won’t be able to step on in for SS branded gear without finding something that you absolutely love. If there was one category of SS gear that made that mark most of all, it would probably be their short sleeve t-shirts.

There’s a Simply Southern short-sleeved shirt in our shop for everyone, no matter what designs, styles, or motifs you find most favorable.

Are you looking for a t-shirt that will have you looking your best while you’re out with friends or hanging around the home for a family gathering? Whatever the case, we have them, in plenty of styles you’ll love.

In our collection, you will find themed SS short-sleeved t-shirts that will show off your pride in your furry friends, t-shirts that will let the world know where your heart really lies - on the trail or in the campsite - and t-shirts that pack cute puns into a delightful package.

T-shirts like our “Love at First Bite” Pizza Coral T-Shirt and “Just Peachy” T-Shirts make that mark best of all, but there’s even more to love about our Simply Southern short sleeve t-shirts. Whatever you love most in a t-shirt, you can find it here; something cute and bright to have you looking and feeling like a million bucks or just some adorable throwback in a vintage style. They’re all here, but you can either read about them or visit our collection to find your favorites for yourself!

Long Sleeve Tees

Our Simply Southern short sleeve collection might be worthy of serious praise and admiration, but our long sleeve collection isn’t far behind. What can you do when the temperatures start to drop but you want to show off the same style? The only thing you can do is hang up the short sleeve t-shirt and switch over to a long-sleeved alternative!

The best part is that whatever your favorite style is in a short-sleeve shirt, we have the next best thing in our collection of long sleeve tees.

Simply southern care maroon ls

Actually, some of our cute SS long sleeve shirts will give the members of our short sleeve collection a serious run for their money. Check out a shirt like our Bacon Heather Gray LS Tee that carries the words “Don’t go bacon my heart,” and sports, as you guessed it, the adorable countenance of a piglet. Or you might like something like our Simply Southern Care Maroon LS Tee, with a very cheeky message you need to see to understand.

Just like our collection of short sleeve t-shirts, the best favor you can do for yourself is to check out the collection for yourself. Reading about it is one thing, but they do say that a picture says a thousand words, and if you’re shopping online, you’ll just have to take a picture and our word for it.


What is the foundation of an outfit? Is it the purse? Is it the way you style your hair and makeup? Is it a piece of outerwear like a jacket? It’s none of these; it’s the pair of shoes you match to it, and if you don’t do a good job matching up the shoes then you might throw the whole thing off balance.

A well-chosen pair of shoes can do great justice to a beautiful outfit or it can ruin the whole thing. Why do you think it takes so long to pick out the right pair of shoes? Luckily for us (and for you) Simply Southern offers shoes that you can pair with some of their other clothing to pull off a fully-branded look that will turn heads and have you feeling great about yourself.

Whether you are looking for a pair of SS Sandals, SS Slip-On Shoes, or SSBoots to complete your outfit, you’ll find what you’re looking for right here. Some of their SS Slip-On shoes could not be more comfortable or more convenient, and the same could be said of their sandals.

Best of all, they have boots that are great for dressing up as well as duck boots that will keep your warm and dry even in the rain and snow. As always, Simply Southern comes through when you need them most. They have form and function down pat, and usually, they join them together, much to the benefit of all of us.

As you are shopping through our store, don’t forget to check our collection of SS shoes (links above!) to pick out a few pairs to match with your outfits. Otherwise, you could be missing out on so much potential.


Once you put together the perfect outfit, no doubt with some of the top items from our collection, the last thing you’ll have to do is accessorize, which we also make easy.

Check out some of the SS branded drinkware that you can find on our site so you can be sipping in style. We offer some SS branded Tervis Tumblers that are great for hold and cold liquids, some of which can even be cleaned easily in the dishwasher and are also microwave safe. Check the product descriptions to be sure, though.

But you can forget that part because the reason you would get SS branded drinkware is so you can really complete your outfit, and our collection sets you up right quick for that.


Who can say how you can accessorize with Simply Southern branded gear when the only thing limiting you is your imagination. Check out some of the accessories that are right here in our shop that you can use to put the finishing touches on that favorite outfit of yours, whether it’s based around Simply Southern or not!

Are you looking for something like a keychain that shows off a little of your style that you can also use to organize all of your little belongings? Maybe what you need is something a little more visible, like some of the earrings and other jewelry that we have in our collection of SS accessories. Or maybe you need something like a lanyard to organize all of your effects. In case you didn’t know, lanyards are some of the most useful accessories on our website, and if you want to pair that function with style, a Simply Southern lanyard will do the trick.


You might have finished accessorizing with an outfit by this point in your journey through this article, but the fun’s not over until you check out some of the SS outerwear that we also proudly feature on our website. If you pass up the chance to get cozy with some of their cardigans, hoodies, and pullovers, then you’re missing out on the chance to look and feel great throughout half of the calendar year!

Soft, comfortable, and stylish, some of the sweaters and other outerwear we feature here from Simply Southern is one of a kind. There’s a pattern or a scheme in there for every taste, and all you need to do to find your next winter look is take a look through our catalog!

Home Goods

Even after you've seen everything that Simply Southern can offer you in the way of outfits and accessories, you still have more to learn. We’ve dedicated a space in our online shop to the goods they offer for the beautification of your home, and if we do say so, they do as admirable a job in that arena as they do in designing clothes.

Don’t miss the chance to accent your living spaces with some of these products as well as the other accessories that you’ll find on our website. They represent the best of the brand and if you’re looking for a way to add some color and character to your home, do it with Simply Southern!

Mask Up!

COVID-19 through a big wrench into a lot of plans this year, but we haven’t missed a beat. Since we’re operating online we didn’t need to miss out on serving our valued customers, and Simply Southern did as good a job as any in responding.

In fact, they went above and beyond and created some branded, stylish face masks that you can stash in your car or in your purse to bring along anywhere you need to wear one. It was a hassle, but why miss out on an opportunity to add to your fashion sense? Simply Southern doesn’t think you do, and we agree wholeheartedly. Don’t wear a paper mask when you can dress your best and add another piece of fashion to the ensemble with their dashing face masks.

Carry It All Along!

Animal print carry it all along tote


We just covered a lot of ground in this article but it was still just a cursory overview of the way you can rebrand your entire life with a little help from Simply Southern. The thing is, if you indulge in any or all of these categories, you'll need a way to carry it all in style when you are on the go.

Don’t worry, though; as always, Simply Southern has you covered, and has you covered in style. If you’re looking for a way to carry your daily essentials in style or to pack it all up when you hit the road, check out some of their totes.

Whether you’re looking for something plain and simple or as loud as your sense of style is, Simply Southern has it, and we offer it at Girls ‘Round Here. Take a look at their capacious totes and make off with your favorite today!

Make It a Reality

As you can see, Simply Southern will never leave you out in the cold if it concerns matters of style. Whether that means actually keeping you warm or having you look your best, or more likely, both, you can rely on them to come through.

This is the place to do it, too. We have one of the greatest collections of Simply Southern gear around, and the first step to finding your next favorite piece is taking a look through our catalog, so get to it!