Brighten Up Your Workday with the Simply Southern Lanyard, ID Holder, and More!

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Every gal loves a good accessory! Accessories can make or break your outfit, not to mention your day. They’re function and fashion all rolled into one. At Girls ‘Round Here, we’re proud to offer you a wide range of accessories from top brands like Simply Southern so you can get the best tools for your day and customize your look all at once. Combine a  Simply Southern lanyard with a Simply Southern ID holder, or coordinate your favorite Simply Southern badge reels to suit your outfit. Functional and fashionable Simply Southern accessories also make great gifts. Mix and match any of the accessories below to create the ultimate care package for a working girl in your life!

Let’s start with everyone’s favorite: food. That is to say, lunchboxes for bringing in food! Packing your own lunch is cheaper and can be a lot healthier than eating out every day, and the cuter your lunchbox is, the more likely you are to use it! At Girls ‘Round Here, we have a wide selection of adorable Simply Southern lunchboxes, many of which even match along with other Simply Southern bags and prints. Choose from the Simply Southern Ringling Lunchbox, with its cheerful elephants and swirling pink and blue pattern, the deep purple Simply Southern Dance Lunchbox with majestic sea turtles swimming across the popular print, and the Simply Southern Floral Lunch Box with its big bright hibiscus flowers and ocean-like blue details. Each lunchbox features a main compartment, a bonus front zipper pouch, and a mesh slot at the side for water bottles or other drinks to be tucked in and brought along.

Another crucial part of any working girl’s accessory collection is her ponytail holder. Long hair looks gorgeous on any woman, but it sure does get in the way! Hair elastics tend to leave a lot to be desired in the fashion department, though, and ribbons just aren’t all that practical. Luckily, Simply Southern has a full set of tangle-free coiled ponytail holders that come in a range of colors to match any uniform or outfit. From light pink and gold to brown, black, and silver, the Simply Southern Pony Holder is a handy accessory to have nearby at all times.

While we’re on the subject of things every woman needs, let’s talk about phones. Some jobs allow them, some jobs don’t, but no matter what you do for a living you’re sure to have a delicate piece of high tech in your pocket almost every hour of the day. The problem with this is, of course, that phones are fragile. They’re easy to smudge, easy to lose, and easy to break. The good news is you can protect them, and nothing personalizes your phone more than a stylish Simply Southern Fall Phone Sleeve. These sleeves come in nine different gorgeous designs, from floral prints to tropical pineapples to flannel and deer. They also feature a credit card sized slot in the back – perfect for sliding your IDs and cards into. This way, you won’t have to worry about keeping track of both your phone and your wallet. You can save on space and keep all of your essentials right on hand at all times.

Speaking of ID cards, a phone sleeve isn’t the only way to keep your ID badges handy. Combine the Simply Southern Fall Key ID with either a Simply Southern lanyard or a Simply Southern badge reel, and you can personalize your identity even in the least phone friendly of workspaces. At Girls ‘Round Here, we’re always sure to stock the latest seasonal Simply Southern lanyard set so you can be both fashionable and functional even at the office. Each lanyard is made of thick yet lightweight polyester and features a breakaway clip for your safety. The golden metal clips at the end of the lanyards attach easily to the golden rings on the Simply Southern Fall Key ID. They’re simply a perfect match for each other!

If you prefer the badge reel clip style of carrying your badges, Simply Southern has a solution for that, too. Their cute and fun badge reels clip right onto your shirt collar or belt and feature little plastic clips that seamlessly buckle through the Simply Southern Fall Key ID’s golden ring. These badge clips can also be used to add a little personal touch to your name tag with phrases and pictures like “Free Hugs” and the stylish Simply Southern Dance sea turtle.

All of these goodies are cleverly designed to bring happiness and fun energy into the workday. It’s hard to feel down when you’re surrounded by lovely tie-dyes and charming animal prints, after all. You can order any of these bright accessories from our store today, either for yourself or as a care package for an important, hard-working gal in your life. After all, what better way to celebrate that brand new job than with a box full of stylish accessories?