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Southern marsh shirts

Finding the one brand that encompasses the comfort and style you are looking for is a satisfying feeling. If you are looking for southern-inspired clothing, Girls ‘Round Here is your place. One of the brands that we carry amongst many that never fails to satisfy our customers is the brand, Southern Marsh.

Between different shirts, hats, polos, and more from Southern Marsh, the brand has pieces that are guaranteed to spice up your closet.

If you’ve been looking for more southern brands to purchase clothing or other lifestyle items from, we have an assortment of brands on our website that you are free to browse through.

About Us

Since July of 2013, we’ve been producing and promoting products that represent what the southern lifestyle is all about. Over time, our online support from customers has grown, allowing us to meet many of their retail needs.

Currently, we carry over 80 southern apparel brands as well as thousands of t-shirts for men and women to choose from. Some of the brands you can find on our website include: Jadelynn Brooke, Life is Good, Tried and True, PuraVida, Firefly Originals, and plenty more.

No matter what your style is like, the options are endless and also incredibly comfortable for our customers to have for themselves.

Men have plenty of options to choose from on our website, one of which is Southern Marsh. For those who are a fan of  Southern Marsh shirts, in particular, you can find a few different options on our website to add to your collection.

They retain a laid-back, yet put-together style, which makes these options perfect for numerous occasions. If you are looking to build up your collection, you can view all of the options available on our website by viewing the Southern Marsh product page.

Southern Marsh - Our Selection

So, when you shop for the brand, Southern Marsh on our website, what can you expect to find? For one, you can expect to see their notable polos that we carry from the brand. Their men’s polos each have their own distinct looks while also encompassing many additional elements that will retain their quality and style.

For instance, some of their polos have elements that protect the shirt from moisture while also promoting mobility and comfort. This can be credited due to the materials they are made out of.

You’ll also notice that the polos are typically made with polyester and spandex, both of which are comfortable to wear and give your body enough freedom for movement without feeling too restricted.

We have other forms of Southern Marsh shirts, like short and long-sleeve t-shirts to add to your growing collection. The t-shirts from Southern Marsh typically remain a popular pick as they fit well and come in different colors and styles.

When it comes to men’s wardrobes, you can never go wrong with adding a few hats to choose from, especially if you are someone who enjoys spending a lot of time outdoors. We carry Southern Marsh trucker hats and visors to give our customers options based on their own style.

Nonetheless, Southern Marsh shirts never fail to make a great addition to your closet as they are high quality, yet still retain both a timeless and classic style. Not to mention, there is something from the line for everyone. Our goal at Girls ‘Round Here is to make sure we are catering to everyone’s needs regardless of the brand we carry.

When shopping for Southern Marsh pieces of clothing, you can always filter out the items so that you can see the newest arrivals.

Why Choose Southern Marsh?

You may be wondering what makes Southern Marsh a popular brand for customers on our website. There are plenty of reasons why we choose to carry Southern Marsh, aside from the fact that it continues to remain a customer favorite.


The quality of Southern Marsh clothing is one that cannot be matched. You can always expect to have a piece of clothing from the brand that will be made of the best materials and retain its structure no matter how long you keep the clothing for.

Southern Marsh clothing is carefully designed so that you can always count on their pieces no matter what occasion you attend or what your daily routine looks like. You can always count on their clothing to look good and feel good without jeopardizing southern style.

High Class Style

Oftentimes where there is high class fashion, you may not be able to experience too much comfort. Southern Marsh clothing completely changes that narrative as you can always expect to rock a high class look while still remaining incredibly comfortable.

You can find this in all of their pieces, but for men’s shirts, in particular, this is especially true for their polos and pullovers. Our selection has just what you need to make sure you are looking your best all year round.

Timeless Pieces

We all know that new trends in clothing are constantly emerging. If you choose to shop Southern Marsh from our website, looking out of style is one thing you’ll never have to worry about.

The pieces from Southern Marsh retain a universal look to them so that you’ll never have to look out of the loop in men’s fashion.

Our Recommendations

We have quite a few pieces from Southern Marsh on our website, but if you aren’t sure which piece to choose for you, perhaps a few of our recommendations below may help:

Southern Marsh Bermuda Somerset Purple/White Stripe Polo

Purple and white striped polo t-shirt

The Bermuda Somerset Polo from Southern Marsh is one of the collections we carry here on our website in a few different color options.

This contains 85% polyester and 15% spandex, thus giving you the perfect amount of comfort and room to work with as you go about your day.

The stripe detailing takes the classic basic-colored polo to the next level, giving you something that is guaranteed to pop and stand out. If you are looking for a more subtle look rather than wearing a polo with too much color, this is a great option for you.

Southern Marsh Washed Navy Junction Pullover

Southern marsh washed navy junction pullover

As you’re transitioning to cooler weather, lightweight pieces that can still provide you with the warmth you need can come in handy.

This pullover is made from 100% polyester and retains a soft interior that will keep you comfortable during a chilly day or night out. The pullover also features hidden snap buttons to tie the entire look together.

Due to its neutral colors, this option can be paired with plenty of bottoms, shirts, and shoes. It has a traditional fit that can cater to different men’s sizes.

Southern Marsh Trucker Hat Delta Navy

Southern marsh trucker hat delta navy

If you’re looking to explore other options aside from just the Southern Marsh shirts that we carry at Girls ‘Round Here, you can take a look at some of the hats that are available from the brand.

This particular hat is a custom-designed trucker hat made with polyester mesh and soft cotton to offer a breathable fit for comfort. Not only will it protect you from too much sun exposure, but it will also be sure to stand out due to its fun, bright colors. The Southern Marsh logo is stitched at the front, allowing you to represent the brand wherever you go.

Regardless of what you choose from our Southern Marsh collection, you are guaranteed to have a high-quality piece in your closet. If this is your first time exploring this brand, there are many things to consider taking a look at. We want to provide you with enough options to allow you to build up your wardrobe with pieces from the brands you enjoy the most.

If you are interested in exploring more from the brand on our website, you can shop directly from the brand.

Purchasing Items From Our Website

Due to the ample amount of clothing and items that we sell on our website, we want to make shopping online easy for all of our customers. There are a few ways we do this so that all of our customers can narrow down their search and find exactly what they need.

Brand and Theme

Two options that customers have on our website that may make their shopping experience a lot easier is that they can shop by brand and theme.

A lot of customers who are a fan of southern clothing brands may have a particular brand in mind when they come to our website. If that is the case for you, you can shop by brand on our website where we display all of the brands of products that we carry. Whether this is Southern Marsh for you or something else, we’ll display everything you need.

The same thing applies to the theme as well. We all have different occasions or daily activities that we sometimes need to shop for. We split our items into categories of themes including: Back to School, Hunting and Fishing, Mountain Life, Outerwear, Vacay Life, and plenty more to cater to popular themes.


Since we carry so many different products on our website, there are always lots of options for sales. You can head over to our $12 T-Shirt Sale page to find our fun, stylish tees are sold at discounted prices. You can also view our closeout sale page to view all of the sales that are happening in all categories of our products.

This includes clothing, accessories, t-shirts, and more from various brands. Lastly, you can check out our fall flash sale page to take a look at our festive, fall clothing that is being sold at discounted prices as well.

While some of the brands that we carry may be a bit pricier than others, you can always count on our website to have a sale going on so that you can still have stylish, trendy pieces in your closet.

New Arrivals

Anytime we get to bring in new arrivals at Girls ‘Round Here is always a fun day for us at our headquarters. We always make sure to constantly curate the products we are confident our customers love based on their feedback and popular purchases.

If you ever want to see what’s new at Girls ‘Round Here, you can always take a look at our new arrivals page where you can be one of the firsts to purchase some of our new items. This is a great way to branch out and discover new brands that you may end up falling in love with. The options are endless, especially when it comes to new changes in season.


Shopping online is convenient but may have its difficulties if you are shopping for clothing, but aren’t too sure about getting your proper size. If this is the case for you, we strive to give you a solution by providing you with a sizing chart on our website.

This can come in handy for those who want to make sure they purchase a piece of clothing that fits them comfortably without having to worry about buying the wrong one. Our sizing chart even provides you with the proper ways to care for your clothing.

We’re Here to Help

If you are ever in need of assistance when shopping for items on our website, our customer service team is here to help you. If you have any questions about brands, recommendations, or orders, we can be reached at 252-419-0080.

When you give us a call, a member of our team will be able to help you out with any questions, concerns, or additional inquiries. Our customers are our number one priority and we always want to make sure they are satisfied with our service.

Along with that, we also want to make sure that we have the best selection of options available to make our store the number one choice for your southern clothing. Take a look at our options today to get started with your shopping.