Count the Ways You Can Dress with a Simply Southern Long Sleeve Shirt

Long sleeve simply southern shirt

We’ve always taken great pride in knowing that our customers could turn to us to find the cute, vibrant styles they needed to make their wardrobes really pop. Whether you are personally someone who loves to show off your Southern heritage or you really just love a cute look, we have a little bit of something for you.

Among our collection of Southern brands, you will no doubt come across a collection of Simply Southern clothing and accessories; in fact, we offer so much that we decided to give Simply Southern its very own, dedicated page. That’s how much our customers love Simply Southern!

One of the best things about Simply Southern - and our customers will agree - is that they provide the modern Southerner with so many different styles in clothing and accessories that there is something for every season. And by season, we don’t just mean seasons of the year, but seasons of spirit!

Not Just a Summer Look

Keep in mind that we offer a huge collection of Simply Southern short sleeve shirts that are great for the summer when the temps are on the rise. They’re great for lounging around home, out by the pool or the beach or in the woods in camp. The best part about this aspect of our collection is its diversity - there’s just no shortage of styles and no matter what you want to celebrate, you can find something in our collection to vibe with your mood. Even so, Simply Southern is your best friend at all times of the year, and not just in the summer!

Great for Then the Temps Drop

In addition to our Simply Southern short sleeve t-shirts and other accessories, we offer a ton of Simply Southern long sleeve shirts that are great for when the temperatures are on the decline. Who are we kidding - they’re great for the rest of the year, too, especially those days when you just don’t feel like leaving the house.

Actually, come to think of it, they’re great for those spring days that are raw and wet as well as those late fall evenings when there gets to be a bit of a bite of chill in the air. Since it’s Simply Southern we’re talking about, you won’t just be comfortable, you’ll also look your best. Check out some of these ways you can suit yourself up with the Simply Southern long sleeve shirts that you’ll find on our website.


Simply Southern clothing - and the Simply Southern long sleeve shirts that will follow - are perfect for celebrating the holidays with a unique spirit that will turn heads and dress you up to impress, but in an informal, approachable, playful fashion. We don’t just mean Christmas, either; check out some of these highlights from our collection, especially those that are themed by the holiday season!

Spooky Season

Buckle up black simply southern tee

Like we said, Simply Southern will dress you up to suit the season, and not just at Christmas time. Check out some of these great picks for when the fall starts to turn golden and you can also feel Halloween gathering around the corner. Pumpkin spice, crisp leaves, evening campfires, and Simply Southern just go together mighty fine.

Take a look at their “Buckle Up Black LS Shirt,” featured to the right. Without a little context, this naming convention would seem a little odd, but it has the perfect spirit, graphic, and even color scheme for a Halloween themed presentation. Everyone loves a classic dog-themed piece of fashion and this one surely does not disappoint. On it, there’s a pup wearing a witch’s hat about to take to the skies on an old broomstick, Salem style. It’s a little black, and a little orange, and even a little purple - everything you need for Halloween, plus a cute graphic and a cheeky pun as well.

If this shirt doesn’t check off enough of your “cute buttons” then we have another trick up our sleeve. You might like the “Talk Smokey” long sleeve shirt a little bit better.

This one features an adorable graphic on a mottled two-tone gray background, along with a little feature admonishing viewers to “give them pumpkin to talk about.” Three little golden retriever pups and a few bright pumpkins complete the ensemble. Really, the ensemble is completed after you add the shirt to your collection, but that much is up to you.

Give Thanks

Thanksgiving is one of the most powerful holidays of the year and sadly it often takes a backseat to Christmas; if nothing else, Christmas overshadows it. That’s nothing against Christmas, and if you keep on reading you will see that Simply Southern offers more than a number of Christmas themed designs; however, they make it a point to let you show off your thankful spirit at the right time of year, as well. The three weeks after Halloween and before Thanksgiving should be reserved for Thanksgiving before the red and green start coming out!

Simply Southern offers plenty of Thanksgiving-themed long sleeve shirts that you can add to your closet for this special time of year. You can’t go wrong with a look like their “Thankful Heather Gray Raglan” LS shirt, even if a picture does it more justice than the title.

This shirt, like the immediately former model, is presented on a two-tone gray shirt with an assortment of whimsically patterned pumpkins that catch the eye with their colors and decorations. Across the top of the shirt, the word “Thankful” appears in bright orange and in an attractive cursive script. Don’t leave it to the imagination, spell it clearly at Thanksgiving time with a shirt like this.

This is a fine shirt, but if you’re looking for something more specific to show off your love of the family holiday, make sure you don’t miss a chance to check out our full collection of Simply Southern long sleeve shirts so you can find a Thanksgiving offering that really speaks to you!

Not Just at Thanksgiving!

Another great thing about Simply Southern is the fact that their decorations to show off your thanks are not Thanksgiving specific! It’s quite enough that they provide styles to honor thanksgiving, but they take it a step further by allowing their customers to show off their gratitude throughout the rest of the year.

Only take a look at their “Grandma Black LS” shirt, that makes a poignant and powerful statement of gratitude. Not everyone is blessed enough to be - or to know - a grandmother, and Simply Southern understands that innately. That’s why they’ve created visually stunning, truly beautiful designs like this to let you show the world just how proud - and thankful - you are. A shirt like this may appear on a black field, but all that does is throw the bright, sunny yellow of the foreground into relief. Whether you’re attracted to its bright floral graphic or to the message it sends, there’s more than a little for everyone to love.

Christmas Time

Everyone loves Christmas. Even though Christmas is a highly personal time of year that has extremely charged memories for those who love it, there’s simply no denying its universal appeal. It is a ubiquitously beloved holiday; in fact, it is more than a beloved holiday but a beloved time of year, to the point that it has an entire season ascribed to it.

Everyone loves their own aspects of the season, from the chilly winter weather to the cozy indoors to the decorations and the music and the sweet treats that accompany it. Christmas is a perennial favorite that many people hold very dearly in their hearts and the vaunted corners of their memories, and Simply Southern knows that. That’s why they make it such a point to offer a diverse selection of Christmas themed goods in their store.

True love shirt

With so many beautiful and visually stimulating designs in their catalog, it can be hard to pick a place to start, but we’ll give it the old try. One of their nicest designs, among nice designs, is their “Barn Iron LS” shirt, which is simple and to the point, just like Simply Southern likes to do it.

This amazing shirt showcases the iconic manger scene with the holy star above it, along with the words “True Love Was Born In A Barn.” Whether that means that the true love the parents held for the child is evident or that it was God’s love for the world that was born there is a matter of interpretation. What is not a matter of interpretation is that this is a wonderful Christmas themed shirt that anyone but a Grinch would be proud to own and wear, especially in December!

Back to Simply Southern’s Propensity for a doggy theme, they have plenty of options in their catalog that make the most of Christmas and marry it to the enduring appeal of a pup’s pretty visage. Their “Santa Dog Dark Heather Grey LS” t-shirt is fine proof of that. With a handsome lad of a golden sporting a smile beneath a Santa hat, it’s a merging of a number of appealing visual elements. On another level, it’s just a cute shirt that anyone would love to have and show off during the Christmas season. In that way, Simply Southern has set the bar pretty high once more. If you’re looking for Christmas spirit, then you can find much more than you might have bargained for in our collection of Simply Southern long sleeve shirts.

Celebrate Your State Pride!

In addition to celebrating the sundry times of the year and showing off your gratitude, Simply Southern makes it more or less easy to show off your pride in your home state.

For those times when it just isn’t good enough to be proud of being Southern, you need to add another layer of pride and bravado onto the whole and you can do so with some of the shirts that we offer in our collection. Sure, it’s one thing to be Southern, but it’s entirely another to be lucky enough to be from, say, one of the Carolinas. Take a look through our collection and we’re sure you’ll find something that will make it all the easier for you to show off your pride in your home state.

Inspire and Be Inspired

We offer lots more to love in our collection of Simply Southern wear, not limited to state pride and holidays. We also have plenty of designs that those who are appreciative and uplifted will love as well.

As a specific example, you can take a look at our “Trust LS” shirt that you can find in our collection of Simply Southern long sleeve shirts. This colorful shirt is a visually attractive and also emotionally moving design that is a pointed reminder of what matters and why.

The visual is attractive but simple enough, and it is the written word carried by the shirt that also delivers all of the impact. At the top of the shirt above the visual are the words “Trust God,” no more, and no less. The message is clear enough and requires no further explanation. For those who want to show the world that they have faith and are not afraid of it, this is just the design.

Don’t Miss the Rest of Our Collection!

The long sleeve shirts we showcased here represent only a small portion of our Simply Southern collection, which can be viewed in its entirety via the link at the top of this article. Among them, you will find so much more than just shirts, including footwear and accessories.

Also, don’t forget while you’re shopping that you can also find a number of our other favorite brands right at the top of our homepage as well, including but not limited to Life Is Good, Southern Fried Cotton, Southern Marsh, Jadelynn Brooke and much more. Check out our collection of brands, also at the top of this article, and if you have any questions, get in touch with our customer service team!