Easy 5 Ingredient Facebook Recipe....Not so much!

Let me start this blog by saying where did the fall weather go?? Down here in North Carolina, it has been in the 30’s this week. It’s freezing!! One thing I have discovered that is great to do when its cold outside is cook. Let me ask how many of you share recipes on Facebook? I can raise my hand for this one. I always see recipes and share them on my page so one day if I feel adventurous, I can make them and try something new. Well let me tell y’all, they are not as easy as Facebook makes them look. I mentioned in my first blog that at work we like to cook for each other and bring treats for lunch. Well, this one night I decided to try one of my Facebook recipes and bring it to work. It was Oreo balls. Facebook made it look so easy, buy the ingredients and in just 5 simple steps you would have these beautiful Oreo balls. What the recipe failed to mention was that this is a messy recipe. I had to smash the Oreos and then blend them with cream cheese to make the Oreos form into balls. This is the part that was not as easy as I thought. Facebook showed the Oreo batter forming into a beautiful ball once you roll them. That is not what happened for me. When I tried to roll the batter into a ball; it would not form. Instead it just got all over my hand. Well, I decided to improvise and just use a spoon to get them on the baking sheet which worked; they were just not as pretty as the picture. After you roll them in a ball, you put them in the fridge to let them harden up. That was the easiest part. Hahahaha… The last step was to dip them in melted chocolate. This part was messy and again was not as easy as Facebook made it look. First, you dip the whole ball in white chocolate and then drizzle the milk chocolate on top. The white chocolate went fine, it was the milk chocolate that did not like me. It did not drizzle at all. Again, I improvised and just put the milk chocolate in the middle instead of drizzling. They turned out delicious, but just did not look as pretty as the picture. I learned from this recipe adventure, do not give up when you are trying a new recipe. Keep going! I wanted to quit many times through this recipe, but I just pushed through and improvised when something went wrong. My advice for trying these new recipes is to try them and do not give up! On these cold days where you just want to stay in; try a new recipe you never had time to cook in the past. It will be well worth it.

Now, unfortunately we do not have any shirts to do with cooking, but we have some cute fall shirts. With winter approaching, this is the time to buy and wear some cute fall shirts. We definitely have quite a few fall shirts that you can choose from. I can not even talk about all of them. However, these are a few of my favorite one’s. One is our “Fall in love with the south” shirt. This is one of our very own designs. It comes in short and long sleeve. The colors in the shirt just scream FALL! This is the shirt to have this fall. Another one of my favorite shirts to wear this fall is our “Southern Sweetheart” sweepers we just got in. We have them in purple, red, and green. I have already got mine because these go fast. They are perfect shirts to wear and cozy up by the fire on these chilly nights. They also make great gifts, so be sure to grab yours fast before they are all gone.

The verse I decided to talk about this week is Jeremiah 29:11, “ For I know the plansI have for you,” declares theLord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” I chose this verse for this week because of how my recipe went. Yes, the recipe did not turn out like I had hoped, but it still turned out delicious. In life, everything is not going to go the way we would like it, but we have hope because we know that God is in control. He has a plan for each and every one of us. We can live each day with hope, even in the bad circumstances, because God is in control and has a plan for our lives.

To close this blog, I want to hear from you this week. How many of you have had a recipe that you tried and it just did not turn out like you thought? Or even if you have a yummy recipe that I can try the next time I want to make something for work (: Here is a pic of my Oreo balls and what they were supposed to look like. I thought y’all would get a laugh out of this. Hahahah…(:

oreo-balls.jpg Christmas sweets oreo balls FullSizeRender (59).jpgOreo balls