Four Summer Accessories We Can’t Live Without

woman with a floral dress walking with a bag on a beach

Summer is quickly approaching! Let’s be real: Summer 2020 wasn’t so great. Make it up to yourself this year with summer accessories that’ll make this season one to remember! Here are our top four favorites.

1. Wristlet Wallet

Simply southern phone cross wristlet

When you’re on vacation, accessories are a must. You don’t want to lose your valuable Ray-Bans or souvenirs while you’re walking for hours along a beach or in a touristy outdoor shopping center.

That’s why we love these Simply Southern phone wristlets! When you wear your important items (phone, credit cards, keys) around your wrist and keep it there all day, you’re less likely to lose them, and you won’t be weighed down by a bag on a hot day.

Plus, one HUGE bonus is that you can carry this wristlet around when your shorts or leggings don’t have pockets, and you don’t have to worry about leaving your important things behind!

2. Teleties Hair Bands

Teleties teal green and clear set

We’re totally in love with Teleties. This handy summer accessory can be worn as a bracelet and used as a strong grip, no rip hair tie. Unlike your average hair elastic that snaps or over-stretches way too often, Teleties are designed to last and hold that ponytail up high and proud all day. They come in all sorts of pretty styles and colors to boot!

3. Girlie Girl Originals Beach Towels

Girlie girl originals round beach towel

A Girlie Girl Originals beach towel is the perfect summer accessory for a day at the beach, the park, or the stadium! You’ll never want to go on any warm-weather excursion without this cute summer accessory.

The Girlie Girl Originals collection of beach towels includes a variety of adorable prints! Choose from pineapple, dogs, mermaids, and more! Shop all of these fun designs today for your next picnic or beach outing.

4. Brumate Hopsulator

Brumate tie dye hopsulator

We all know that one dude who knows the ins and outs of craft beer. They’ll certainly tell you that for craft beer to be enjoyed properly, it needs to be kept at the right temperature.

Whether you’re trying to keep your IPA, White Claw, or lemonade cool, there’s only one insulated cup holder for you: the Brumate Hopsulator. This handy koozie doesn’t just hug your drink to make it easy to hold, it also insulates it with quality materials, keeping it cool for hours. It’ll last a whole barbecue or night by the fire, and it’s one of our favorite summer accessories!

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