How To Style a Graphic T-Shirt

A woman sits on a fence wearing a graphic tee, jeans, and cowgirl boots

The most traditional way to wear a graphic tee is with blue jeans, but that can get boring fast. There are plenty of other ways that you can learn how to style a graphic t-shirt that will open up your wardrobe to new possibilities! Here are some of our favorite ways of styling a graphic tee with a bit of southern fashion.

Denim Shorts & Skirts

Don’t get us wrong, we love a pair of blue jeans that fit just right, but graphic tees also work well with other denim bottoms. For a classic southern style, pair your graphic tees with some cut-off jean shorts. You could cut a pair of jeans you already own into shorts if you have the skills to pull it off, or you could just buy pre-cut and pre-worn jean shorts. Another great alternative to jean pants is a denim skirt. You probably remember denim skirts from the 90s. Like many other styles from the 90s, jean skirts, vests, and jackets have made a comeback. So go ahead and pop a jean vest over your outfit, too! 

A graphic beach tee with cut-off jean shorts

The Shoes Make the Outfit

Graphic tees are versatile because they can pair with so many different types of shoes. Want to make your graphic tee and jean shorts combo really scream southern? Then slide into a cute pair of cowgirl boots. Real leather, faux leather, short booties, knee-high boots, embroidered or plain — basically any pair of cowgirl boots in tan, brown, black, or white will help elevate your outfit with a southern flair. Plus, a comfortable pair of boots can be worn all day for almost any occasion. But of course, a pair of tennis shoes are always a classic method of how to style your graphic t-shirt for a laid-back streetwear fashion. And sandals and flip flops are perfect for styling a graphic tee on any hot summer day.

Girl wearing a pink graphic tee and a baseball cap

Accessorize Your Ensemble

Your graphic tee has its own vibe that you can enhance with the right accessories. If you’re headed to a summer rock concert, wear a cute rock star tee and some trendy matching jewelry. Think leather, stars, bright colors, and acrylic accents.

How to style a graphic t-shirt with accessories just depends on the occasion. When you’re headed to the beach, the lake, or the pool, there are lots of graphic tees that say you love the chillaxin’ life. Hats and sunglasses go great with this look, and you’ll definitely want those accessories to keep the sun out of your eyes. As for some extra southern style, we always love classic cowgirl hats and trucker caps that have their own catchphrases.

Learning how to style a graphic t-shirt is easy when you mix and match! Check out Girls Round Here for graphic tees, bottoms, shoes, accessories, and more with tasteful southern styles.