Look Good In Southern Marsh T-Shirts

Sometimes it’s frustrating to sift through your wardrobe for the right t-shirt, pulling out cotton, throwing it to the floor. Soon, a pile develops. A multi-colored mass of hope, annoyance, longing. The search for the perfect outfit is like the search for the perfect home: we persist through so much pointless toil and empty-minded boredom in hopes of discovering the one, the only, the t-shirt that fits our body as though woven by angels, and steam-pressed by the hand of God. It is a treasured luxury, a perfect shirt. Like a life partner, it doesn’t come around often. The moon must blue, pigs must fly, and Girls ‘Round Here must be open, because we have Southern Marsh t-shirts that will make any self-respecting Southerner sit right up and shout “Hallelujah.” Southern Marsh answers prayers, Southern-style, with lightweight, garment-washed t-shirts spun specifically to handle that Southern summer heat, yet woven warm enough to hold up under encroach of autumn.

For example, check out our Southern Horizons collection, which juxtaposes our 60% cotton, 40% polyester (the cotton for breathability; the polyester for tearing and general durability, because it’s a more elastic fiber) with custom watercolor designs on the back. One design, of a cypress tree, trades in a kind of native whimsy—the brown cypress rising out of the surrounding ocean. A sun shining down upon the scene. It’s sunset, a magical time of day, where even the most innocuous of natural details are revealed to be beautiful in the extreme. As Southerners, we have a strong connection to our land. The beaches, the fields, the marshes, and the cypress groves, those astonishing forests that seem to float atop the water. This shirt captures the feeling of being in a grove at sunset, under the thickening yellow of the sky. The sun is the size of an eye, projecting waves of peach-colored light, which reflect off the clouds.

The other graphic is a frontal view of the Blue Ridge Mountains, a province of the greater Applachains that runs from southern Pennsylvania, through Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, both Carolinas, Tennessee, and into Georgia. They are, to the South, what the Rockies are to the west: an institution. A place of almost mystical delight and deep-held roots. The interplay of cyan, navy, and cerulean on the image’s mid plain speaks to the depth of the mountain’s traditions. These peaks are the home of bluegrass, country - the locus of a certain strain of Southern soul. In the fore are the great conifers of the Blue Ridge, the trees that release the air bound chemicals that give the mountains their name. This is another painting of sunset. Everything is serene, majestic, Southern in the sense of deep-rooted pride, a pride that turns humble in the face of these mountains.

These two Southern Marsh t-shirts are part of one collection of Southern Marsh’s stylings. There’s a whole lot more. Take a basic T in what they call Bimini Green. Bimini is the closest district of the Bahamas to the mainland US, comprising three islands, where Ernest Hemingway lived for a period in the 1930s. The color is named after the shade of ocean near Bimini’s white sand beaches, a light green verging almost into lime, with a touch of navy thrown in to slightly darken the effect. Upon this colored canvas, Southern Marsh has applied a nautical design, a square knot in lighter green, that sailors once used to furl sails. Behind that, a pendant of waved navy provides the plane from which the words “Southern Marsh” punch out in weathered letters. A little lower are the words: “Classic Southern,” and “ESTD 2008.”

For Girls ‘Round Here, it’s our mission to serve the Southern community, providing the very best in Southern apparel to families year-round. Our clothing captures that peaceful Southern vibe. We make clothes that can endure long jaunts in the wild backwoods of Tennessee, as well as long, lazy days on Carolina beaches. Just because we’re Girls ‘Round Here doesn’t mean that our Southern Marsh t-shirts aren’t made for good ol’ Southern gentleman. We have plenty of other menswear besides: hats, vests, shorts, fleece pullovers, and polos. There’s something for every husband, boyfriend, outdoorsman, hunter, athlete, or otherwise genteel soul around. If you need a new sweater for your camping trip or a new hat for your day off, look no further than Girls ‘Round Here for the fashionable, and affordable, pieces you need. Our staff is here to help you find clothing for a fraction of the price you’d pay elsewhere. You can stretch your dollar further at Girls ‘Round Here than anywhere else. With so many wonderful brands to choose from, you’re bound to stumble on shirts that highlight your faith, your sport, or your favorite hobby. Autumn has arrived. It’s high time for style.