Miranda's Got A Gun

Hey y'all and thank you for checking back with me about this weeks exciting news. Let me ask this I wonder how many of you have shot a gun before? I had never shot a gun until this past weekend. Let me just say it was an experience. Hahaha…. I was very scared to shoot it at first. I always see in the movies where the little girl shoots a gun and goes flying back. I knew that this was going to be me. LOL… Well, luckily I did not go flying back in mid air. I shot a pistol and a shot gun. The pistol was my favorite. I actually did make it on the target on my very first shot. To say the least, I was very surprised. It doesn’t stop there though. When I went up to shoot a second time, I had 2 bullets to shoot. I hit the same exact spot twice in a row. Don’t ask me how I did it because I could not tell you. Hahhaha… I just pointed and shot. The shot gun was the one that scared me the most. This one had some back fire once you shot it. Plus the gun was heavy and I am not strong. Hahaha.. But I shot it anyway. It did back fire, but still I did not go flying back. It was a very exciting day for me. I felt very accomplished and now I know if I ever have to, I can shoot a gun. So my advice if you have not shot a gun before, GO! You will be surprised at how much fun it is. I can not wait to go back and shoot again. Who knows maybe I will get into hunting? :)

Speaking of hunting and fashion, we have got some cute deer shirts. I have never shot a deer before, but I have worn a deer shirt which we all can do. Personally, that’s the only deer I want to see is on my shirt. They are much cuter. Definitely go check on our website under the category that says  “Oh Deer” How perfect is that title!! We even have a shirt that says that. Another new item we have added is the  blanket scarves. They are so adorable! I can not wait to order mine. They just look so warm and cuddly. The perfect outfit would be a jean shirt, a blanket scarf, black leggings, and some brown boots. That is my perfect fall outfit. Those scarves are found under the category  Accessories. Those are just a few of the new products we have added this week that I thought I would share with all of you.

The verse for this week is…. Psalm 42:1 “….As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, my God.” I thought this verse would be very fitting for this week since I was talking about deer and hunting. Just like us as humans get thirsty and hungry for food and water; we need to want to learn more about God the same way. Our soul should long for God’s word. The Bible is our spiritual food that we need just like regular food. The verses in the Bible could be just what we needed to hear that day. That has happened to me on multiple occasions. I will be going through a tough time and will open my Bible and the verse I read that day is just what I needed to hear. God always knows what we need in life and He will always be there for us in the good and bad times.

Thank you again for checking back with me this week. To close this blog, I thought I would share the picture of me shooting my first gun. So here it is…. Hahahah…. 

Girl doing shooting