Southern Fried Cotton Favorites from Girls ‘Round Here

What could be more satisfying than identifying a brand that really represents your image and your lifestyle? Regardless of your angle, it’s really something satisfying when your vibe and image work in perfect synch with a brand or a designer that really gets your image.

This is true in many different areas of life. If you’re a football fan, you can sometimes really appreciate different gear branded to your team. If you’re a cook you can really get behind brands that show off your pride in your craft. If you’re really into cars you can appreciate the feeling you get from a well-branded piece of merchandise, whether it’s ornamental or intended to be worn.

In our case here at Girls ‘Round Here, we specialize in bringing you clothing, accessories and gear from your favorite designers, and all with the intent of celebrating your Southern pride. A lot goes into the overall image of Southern living and Southern pride and is well represented across our portfolio of brands.

It’s an interesting mix of elements that endears the Southern lifestyle to so many. It draws from the agricultural, it draws from the natural and the simple pleasures of life, it has its roots in the outdoors and in family, in down-home living that is honest, fair and upfront.

Of course, we could never do real justice to the Southern lifestyle in the limited space we have allotted to us here, and this is really just a start. It has to be lived, anyway, not described, and you either live the lifestyle or you don’t. And, for those that live it, they know that one of those brands that does a darn good job of capturing the overall feel of a Southern lifestyle is Southern Fried Cotton .

Southern Fried Cotton captures so many of the elements that define Southern living that it’s no surprise their designs are so beloved. As we here at Girls ‘Round Here pride ourselves on our offering of brands that celebrate the Southern lifestyle, we’re proud to offer one of the widest selections in Southern Fried Cotton clothing and accessories around. Here are some of our favorites.

Top Picks In Clothing

Sometimes, a brand just gets a design so spot on that you can’t help but admire it. As we stated, there isn’t any single thing that defines Southern living or appeal, but rather a few things that come together to really make it special. Take, for example, their American Duck Denim tee shirt. This is a great example to start off the showcase - it’s nearly dripping with Southern appeal.

American Duck Denim tee shirt

It’s patriotic, it’s simple, it highlights the beauty of nature and gives a nod to those who appreciate the outdoors without singling out hunters or campers or boaters or even hikers. It’s also not too flashy. Not too much is more humble than blue jeans, and that was probably the inspiration for this shirt.

What else can be said other than that it’s a classic and simple style that you could pretty much be comfortable anywhere in, whether at home, out with friends or in a campsite? It’s the perfect introduction for the styles that you’re going to be able to find here at Girls ‘Round Here from SFC.

It’s still only the beginning, though. Speaking earlier of how Southern Fried Cotton and other Southern brands do homage to hunters without singling them out, in the event that you want to make a showcase of your pride as a hunter, SFC makes it easy to do that just the same. 

Take a look at their Cotton Duck Hunt tee shirt. It’s a plain and simple offering in blue but wonderfully adorned with the visage of a group of greenheads coming in to stick a landing. Who can say whether they’re decoying or you’re just witnessing some wild birds hit a pocket of water to rest after a long morning flight? It doesn’t really matter - you’d have to be on the water in the morning to appreciate the tricks of the light anyway, and this is a beautiful testament to those who appreciate such simple joys as seeing an approaching flock of mallards in the golden hour. There’s no substitute for the experience, and it’s sure hard to translate into other media, but So.Fri.Co. does about as decent a job as anyone.

Another great look for hunters is their Hunting Fowl tee-shirt, with the image of a decoying duck boldly silhouettes against the blades of marsh grass that waterfowl hunters have come to know and love well. They even make camouflage patterns out of it, and some enterprising hunters cut the blades and use them to make homemade blinds and camouflage for their sneakboxes. If you’re trying to come up with a designer or a shirt for an outdoorsman in your life that appreciates original designs that are thoughtfully developed, So.Fri.Co. hits the mark pretty well.

Hunters and servicemen alike will also absolutely love their USA Point The Way Home long sleeve tee in gray. Stylistically, this piece of clothing is a home run. It’s really almost nice enough to be wall art, but we’ll just call it art that you can wear instead. It shows off the stately silhouette of a bird dog on point before a bursting covey of quail - it’s not only a hunter’s favorite sight, it’s something that has to be experienced to be felt. With the words “Home Grown” boldly impressed across the front of the shirt, it leaves no doubts as to its origins, and behind all are the beautiful colors of the Stars & Stripes. It unites so many attractive elements into one single shirt that more could be said of it - but instead, we welcome you to view it here.

Southern Fried Cotton hasn’t forgotten fishermen, either. For the fisherman in your life, they offer plenty of designs that can make a grand addition to their wardrobe and lineup. Consider their Shoot The Breeze tee shirt, in tropical light blue. It shows off the transom of a boat that isn’t just trolling some lines, it’s flying the flag. It captures the image of an early morning on the waves or perhaps a late evening. Either way, it’s an artistic testament to the simple things in life that really matter and constitute the cares of Southern Living.

Another great choice is their Reel Life tee-shirt, which presents the same appeal but it boldly emblazoned with mahi-mahi. Of course, mahi-mahi is much more beautiful in person, but SFC does a pretty admirable job of catching the image - no pun intended.

Even though the salt is where a lot of Southerners cut their teeth, who could forget the joys of fly fishing a clear mountain stream? They say that some of the best trout fishing in the country is in Appalachian streams, and Southern Fried Cotton has done some justice to these fishermen as well. Take a look at their Native Trout long sleeve tee. It leaves no doubt whatsoever in the mind what they were going for - those little native trout, not little at all in spirit, that make the streams of Southern Appalachia noteworthy.

Olive green long sleeve southern fried tee

What about the pride in agricultural living? Volumes could be devoted to that aspect of Southern Pride, but instead, we’ll just showcase a few favorite designs from SFC that do it some decent justice.

Their BBQ long sleeve tee is a great way to celebrate your Southern heritage as it relates to your sense of Southern living. It places a fair amount of emphasis on the central role that farm life plays in the lives of so many Americans. People can appreciate where their food comes from much better when they have a hand in it and have to raise it themselves, and the designers at Southern Fried Cotton know, and understand this. 

They’re quick with a pun, too. Take a look at their Hay There long sleeve tee, showing off the image of a donkey such as you might see in the barnyard or on some rural estates. They’ve got the right sense of humor just as well as they pay their respects to the people who are the cornerstone of the country. Other great choices are their Cow Lick long sleeve tee and their Curly Sue long sleeve tees. Each of them makes quite a statement of the simple enjoyment of rural living, if not exalting it.

Don’t Forget Their Accessories

Southern Fried Cotton doesn’t just make waves with its designs in apparel, though. When you accessorize with custom branded apparel you’re only waging half of the battle. There are so many other areas of your life that you can outfit with your taste in Southern Pride and no reason to miss out on any of them.

Don’t miss out on the chance to add some hats that reflect your personal sense of style to your collection. With the designs you’ll find on our site, a hat won’t just be there to keep the sun out of your eyes anymore.

Take a look at their Pheasant Hunt Khaki Mesh Hat. Pheasant hunting can involve long, grueling days covering a lot of tough country, especially if you don’t have a dog doing most of the work for you. At the end of it all, you’re lucky to come away with one or two birds, much less a limit, after all of your labor. But for those who have experienced the pleasure of kicking up a bird destined for the pot, they wouldn’t have it any other way. Perhaps it is the labor itself that makes it so worthwhile. Either way, the designers at Southern Fried Cotton have distilled all of that energy into the hat in question.

Maybe their Waxy Hound Trucker Brown Hat is more to your speed, though. It’s more general but still packs lots of character into such a simple format. It offers the simple mesh back characteristic of trucker hats and a waxed front panel and visor with a patch bearing the band logo and the silhouette of a hound. Much more humble than the former offering, it would still make an honest and serviceable option to keep you cool and shaded in the summer sun.

It’s not all headwear with SFC, though. Who doesn’t enjoy a nice cold drink every now and then - with an emphasis on the fact that it’s cold. It’s no fun when you’re enjoying a brew or a soda one minute and the next it’s lukewarm. Actually, that’s one heck of a spoiler. SFC offers some really creative designs in koozies you can find right here on our site as well.

Gadsden flag

Who could possibly not love their Gadsden Patch Koozie? There’s just so much to love about it that we don’t know where to start. The Gadsden Flag is an icon from the early history of our great country, much like the Pine Tree Flag, and a symbol of the prevailing power of the American Spirit that has never yet been subjugated. This koozie bears the image of the Gadsden Flag along with the memorable, historic, nay, unforgettable words ‘Don’t Tread On Me.’ It speaks for itself.

You can find all of the items explored here and many other articles of clothing and accessories bearing the Southern Fried Cotton brand right here on our site. We’re proud to offer one of the widest selections of SFC branded gear anywhere around and even prouder to make it a part of our catalog of offerings that honor your Southern Pride and lifestyle.

Take a look through our offerings bearing the SFC brand right here on this page and find the next style you’re looking for, whether it honors our history, the farm, the outdoors or even something else. And while you’re shopping, don’t forget that we offer so much more than just SFC gear. Take a look through our brand offerings featuring other Southern favorites like Southernology, Simply Southern, Girlie Girl Originals and so much more.