Southern Marsh Long Sleeves: An Essential of Southern Style

To uphold the southern lifestyle requires charm, quick wits, passion, and, above all, taste. Girls ‘Round Here is a southern lifestyle apparel brand that combines fashionable clothing with affordable prices, resulting in the best retailer this side of the Mason Dixon. Check out our Southern Marsh long sleeves to bring some comfort to your camping trips, your beach outings, your days at the lake. Made from 100% lightweight cotton, these long sleeves come in a variety of bespoke colors, from Wine to Squash to a rustic Crimson, and they each display a different graphic on their chests.

The classic Southern Marsh Mallard silhouette, for instance. The mallard is a beautiful duck, characterized by the sumptuous green-plumed heads of their males, the vivid orange webbing of their feet, and the bright yellow of their beaks. One variety of our Southern Marsh long sleeve has a sleek, geometric mallard silhouette emblazoned right above the sternum. The mallard is sitting upon the surface of the water. There are three parts to the design - three shapes. The first, and largest, is a representation of the body of the duck. The other two, while much smaller, bring character to the design. They represent the mallard’s folded wings. This silhouette is presented as pumpkin orange on the Wine-colored shirt, and slate on the Squash-colored shirt.

Another design, for the Southern Marsh Branding Mountain rise, inscribes a golden mountain peak and rising ochre sun within a black medallion. This design is perfect for the rugged outdoorsman in us all, as well as the casual week-end hiker. In bold type, the words “Southern Marsh” suggest a solidity, a confidence that the brand shares with its wearers. Beneath that, in golden script, is the word “trademark.”

The Southern Marsh brand was inspired by those who understand the Southern lifestyle, who bring it with them everywhere they go, and who represent the best the South has to offer: the friends who get up at four AM to make it to the blind before sunrise, the father who cashes in his vacation days to take his son fishing, or the belle spending an afternoon hanging out with her friends. The South is in possession of a rich culture based on gentility and gratitude for all that life has to offer. Southern Marsh works with the best materials, and a team of dedicated designers to create the highest quality products that reflect the South’s dedication to craftsmanship, character, and charm. They package up that charm to give us an authentic snapshot into Southern life - a richly textured portrait of clambakes and road thrills and hunting on the Blue Ridge, a sense of smoky pork ribs, sweet tea, and Saturday night dancing.

For the past four years, Girls ‘Round Here has served the South, and we’ve done our best to supply the finest quality Southern apparel to the families that make up our communities. Our clothing is comfy, yet stylish, perfectly encapsulating that calm, sleepy sense of Dixie that makes it easy to sink into those long Southern days, in those sleepy Southern towns where everyone is a childhood pal, where porch swings decorate the blocks, and each park and backyard plays host to a barbeque. We make clothes that can endure duck hunts in the marshes of Florida, as well as provide comfort for lazy days on Georgia porches. Just because we’re Girls ‘Round Here doesn’t mean that our Southern Marsh long sleeves aren’t made for good ol’ Southern gentleman.

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So, come shop online. Or, if you’re more a retail person, then come check out our store in Bailey, North Carolina. We’d love to meet you, and assist you in finding the clothes you need. Our store is a cozy slice of Southern comfort, and our staff is friendly as they come. Visit us soon, because we’re ready and willing to help you complete your look today. Nothing feels better than transitioning into a new season with some fresh items for your wardrobe. This fall, purchase some stylish new clothes at Girls ‘ Round Here that embrace comfort and warmth while providing some down-home Southern fashion.