Suit Up for Summer with These Southern Fried Cotton Favorites!

Brown southern fried cap

At Girls ‘Round Here, our mission is to provide our customers with the best Southern gear and apparel out there at some really great prices as well. When it comes to making up a Southern wardrobe, however, we also understand that there are a lot of different themes, colors, and lifestyles to key in on and celebrate. Some of our customers are extremely proud of their agricultural heritage; some want to celebrate the heroism of their family members in the military or fire department; others yet are looking for cute original garments and accessories that cast a positive light on rural living, on the important things on life, or just on their favorite holidays.

That’s why we offer such a broad range of products and brands here on our website, and without a doubt, one of our most popular brands is Southern Fried Cotton, perhaps better known as SoFriCo by its fans. SoFriCo creates some of the most popular and well-received clothing and accessories available to consumers today, on themes ranging from sporting and agricultural heritage to good old Southern living. Whatever you want to pull off, you can do it with some of our favorite picks in Southern Fried Cotton.

SoFriCo, like Girls ‘Round Here, also has a simple mission and one that will become all the more evident after taking only a few moments looking through our catalog of their clothing. In their own words, their “goal is to capture the Southern Spirit” in their apparel. It’s a simple maxim that is flawlessly executed through their rich and appealing designs, which are not only unforgettable but incomparable to anything else out there. Check out some of these highlights from our SoFriCo collection, and be sure to do some more investigating if you like what you see!

T-Shirts Galore

SoFriCo’s collection of long and short sleeve t-shirts is probably the most poignant and colorful aspect of their collection. As you’re about to find out, they do a fine job of doing justice to some of the rustic and rural themes and lifestyles that so many of our customers celebrate and practice. Check out some of these fine options and check our full collection via the link above if you want to learn a little more in-depth about any of them.

It sure is hard to pick a place to start in such a colorful and diverse collection, but what better place is there to start than with a pick honoring farm life? It’s something that so many of our customers practice and appreciate and SoFriCo has many picks in the mix that do it justice. 

Cotton cow lick long sleeve t-shirt

Check out their Cotton Cow Lick Long Sleeve T-Shirt, which is not only cute for crazy comfort as well. It is made from 100% cotton so that you can be comfortable even in the hottest weather as the shirt will breathe. Cotton is also treasured for its softness and this shirt will not disappoint - it’s even tagless to make it even more appealing. As comfortable as this shirt is, though, that’s only the beginning of its appeal. Just take a look at it and it will do the rest of the world - with a cute cow theme, what’s not to love? Even the punny name gives the shirt a little bit of allure. Everyone loves a cute cow t-shirt and SoFriCo was quick to give its customers what they wanted in this shirt.

Another shirt that follows in the same vein is their Cotton Curly-Sue Long Sleeve T-Shirt which makes the same work of an agrarian theme and just as punny a name. Don’t let our jargon throw you off though - this shirt is not too high-brow to make light of an appealing situation. Just like the shirt we investigated immediately above, this one is made from 100% cotton that is luxuriously soft, comfortable and breathable, is also tagless, and comes with a graphic that you just won’t be able to help but love. With a face that many more than a mother could love, the cute pig on the front of the shirt just can’t help but draw a grin. Add both shirts to your closet and put them in rotation. Charmingly disarming, both of them will make a fine - and comfortable - addition to your wardrobe.

In the same echelon of fashion, SoFriCo offers a lot of other agriculturally themed shirts in their repertoire. Check out their BBQ Long Sleeve T-Shirt. This shirt, although it offers a different emotional response, evokes one of memory and longing for the good times that revolve around a good old fashioned barbecue. With a hog in the bed of a pickup truck featured boldly on the front of the shirt, anyone who sees it just can’t help but conjure up memories of grilling good times and delicious, farm-fresh food. This shirt doesn’t just evoke memories and hopes of the good times, though, because just like the former entries that equally celebrate rural life, this shirt is made from 100% cotton and is remarkably soft and comfortable.

Making a great show of honor for farm living isn’t the one and only thing that makes Southern Fried Cotton a fan favorite, though. There is much more where that came from and they celebrate a number of other themes as well. Another recurring theme you will find proudly displayed across some of their designs is the tradition associated with hunting and fishing. Many who live on farms supplement their income of food with harvest fresh from the woods and water. It is a pastime that must be experienced to be understood that is rife with ritual and symbol, and SoFriCo keys in on these effortlessly.

Check out their Cotton Native Trout Long Sleeve T-Shirt that serves as a bold introduction to the skill of distilling and honoring sporting traditions. While this might only be apparent to a fisherman, there are three ways to categorize stocks of trout - there are stocked trout which are raised in a hatchery, wild trout which are recurrent as a result of a breeding population, and native trout which are not only wild but native to the region.

The difference between wild and native is that though both are ‘wild’ by the definition of wild, wild trout are the descendants of introduced species. Native trout are not only wild, but did not originate in a region due to the influence of man. The reason this matters is because there is nothing like the beauty of a native trout like a brookie. Dark gray and kissed with the vibrant blue of the sky and red and deep as blood, a native brookie has colors that can be described by words in what can only be called a paltry manner. One either witnesses one or remains in the dark. What SoFriCo has attempted rather admirably in this shirt is to communicate the relative beauty of a native trout, rather than objectively. We must say, they have done a fine job. 

Olive short sleeve t-shirt

Then you will find shirts like the Cotton Sportsman Bass Heather Olive Short Sleeve T-Shirt that you will find in our catalog that present the idols of the chase in a somewhat more realistic, vintage fashion. This shirt almost looks like the vintage cover of a Field & Stream magazine, or maybe an edition of Outdoor Life. It boldly displays a lunker bucketmouth going after a worm, and is depicted in much the way imagination works. Few fishermen ever get to see how their quarry really reacts with their terminal tackle and baits, but something tells us if we could get down there and see it in real-time, this is how it would appear. Many a fisherman has seen the culmination of this act, and it is an attractive testament to the beauty of nature and the grit of the soul. Simply, it’s a great gift for the dedicated fisherman in your life.

SoFriCo has not left the hunters out in the dark, either. In our catalog and in any catalog of Southern Fried Cotton wear you will find many fine tributes to the determination, passion, and patience of the hunter.

Consider, for example, their Cotton Backwood Buck Short Sleeve T-Shirt, which does just as much honor to the skill involved in the hunt as any design. It also makes a marvelous presentation of the idol of the chase. What many do not understand is the level of respect that a hunter has for his prey; and this shirt captures that idyllically, to say the least. Somber, gray, and serious, this shirt captures everything about the spirit of the chase that can only be fully understood by someone who has been there before.

Of course, SoFriCo also offers many other designs in addition to their agricultural and sporting t-shirts, and some of the finest of these are their patriotic designs. Check out our collection where you will find some great picks like the following.

Check out their “The Original Goat” short sleeve t-shirt in heather blue flame. This shirt offers a lot to love from its patriotic symbolism to its playful jape. With a goat done up in the likeness of Uncle Sam, this shirt leaves no doubt in the mind - America is the original G.O.A.T., or Greatest Of All Time, and there’s no arguing with that.

Finish the Look With A Hat

In addition to their many adorable and poignant t-shirts and tops, Southern Fried Cotton also offers some really unique hats that are great for finishing off an ensemble or just for keeping the sun out of your eyes.

The best thing about some of the hats from SoFriCo is that with some of them you can have both form and fashion. Check out some of the following options below that you can find in our store.

The Southern Hunt Khaki Mesh Hat, much like the Backwoods Buck shirt mentioned above, makes a fair honor to the sport of the chase and presents a scene that many hunters have seen before. In fact, the scene is one of the most dearly beloved scenes that most will hold in their hearts. It is a moment of decision, of action or inaction, of appreciation. The point at which a bird flushes presents every hunter with the opportunity to harvest or to bask in the glory of a beauty that is limited in time. Any wingshooter will tell you - there is a time for both. This hat is comfortable, stylish, and practical. Get yourself a few so you never have to worry about getting the sun in your eyes.

You might also want to check out an option like the Waxy Hound Trucker Hat in brown. This hat, although much simpler in style than the former offering, is another toned-down way to keep the sun out of your eyes and the wind out of your hair. Comfortable, simple, and to the point, you really can’t go wrong with it - how could you?

Don’t Miss Our Other Brands!

As you can see, our catalog is well stocked with some favorites from Southern Fried Cotton, and we are always looking for new and creative ways to add to our collection. Come here and you will not be disappointed in what we can offer you - but there’s more than that.

What’s great about Girls ‘Round Here is that we don’t just specialize in one or two popular brands. We are a place where our customers can gather to find their favorite picks in designs from really popular designers like SFC, Simply Southern, Life Is Good, and more, but they can also come here looking for other great, niche brands. Our collection is full of clothing and accessories from HoneyMe, Hey Dude, Kat McRae, Southern Couture, Southern Marsh, and many more.

We also make it easy for our customers to shop through our collection not only by brand, but by theme. In our catalog, you will find portions of our collection organized by theme such as holidays, patriotic tones, beach living, and much more. Summer’s already here - set yourself up with a fresh look with some of our styles.