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You see, Simply Southern specializes in that kind of stylish comfort wear that’s just perfect for girls who are from below the Mason Dixon. This clothing is just made for those hot and humid Dixie summers and even those chilly southern winters. That’s because they’re crafted with the kind of premium materials that will keep you feeling comfy no matter the weather, such as soft spun cotton, breezy and lightweight rayon, thick fleece, and so much more.

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This look is so comfy, yet fashionable and stylish and it speaks to the southern experience. You know what we mean. We’re talking about that peaceful vibe that makes it easier to relax and have a good time on those long summer days in sleepy country towns where everyone is friendly and where the bbq is always delicious, and there are wild and winding backwoods and nothing but good times to be spent in nature. It’s porch swings and picnics, beach days and nights, that’s what the Simply Southern look is about. That’s why we have so many Simply Southern pieces in the Girls ‘Round Here collection and that’s why we’re the Simply Southern retailers that you need.

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