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Simply southern shirts

If you go around flaunting your southern spirit in style, then you’ve definitely come across the name of Simply Southern, which sometimes even goes by SS. Simply Southern has a larger collection of piquant, colorful, sassy, and inspirational designs than possibly any other clothing designer out there. There are lots of other great ones, but very few designers can pack such meaningful color and character into such a small canvas, time, and time again.

For that very reason, Simply Southern is one of the most popular designers on the scene today. If you came looking for  Simply Southern Shirts, we’re here to let you know that we don’t just have Simply Southern wear for every season, we have a variety of styles in their name and accessories for every other corner of your lifestyle as well. If you’re a fan of Simply Southern, today is your lucky day. Start your search here.

Simply Southern Shirts for the Summer Season

You’ve reached your stop, and the destination is one of the greatest collections of Simply Southern tees you can find. Summer is a bright and happening time where everyone wants to show off some of their character and let their hair down a little, and that, in large part, is the spirit that is engendered by most of the designs you will find from Simply Southern. Everyone has a slightly different perception of what it means to do so, however, which is why we offer so many different styles and designs at Girls ‘Round Here.

Are you feeling beachy and bright? Then you might want to investigate our Simply Southern Save Paisley Begonia short sleeve Simply Southern tee. This shirt takes advantage of the brightness of its begonia colored background (really, very much like coral) to showcase an even more brightly styled sea turtle, impressed onto the shirt in a purple and blue pattern. In fact, it’s kind of a composition of different shades of sea colors, which makes a lot of sense. It’s a fitting look if you need something summery to pick up your spring, even if you are still stuck in quarantine at the present time.

Speaking of that, you might want to take a look at our Simply Southern Stay Plum Tee, which is a part of their quarantine collection and puts a cute spin on what is otherwise a very serious affair. The shirt’s message doesn’t do it justice, as powerful as it is. It admonishes you with the message “Let’s Stay Home and Cuddle,” which is a poignant reminder of the things that matter. It is made more powerful by the image of a puppy wearing a mask and a floral frame around the image. Not quite summery, but definitely fits the season.

Getting back in tune with a selection that is more fitting of the matter at hand, consider adding the Simply Southern Beach Memories Lulu to your closet and breaking it out when the temps finally start to climb. This shirt presents in gentle pink and showcases the likeness of a retro bike against either a rising or a setting sun over the water. It depends on whether you’re an east coaster or a west coaster, really it could be either, but it’s pretty just the same. It comes bearing the words “The Best Memories Are Made at the Beach,” and while some might like to debate that, it’s true enough to make a great summer tee shirt. Add one to your collection and break it out when summer rolls around.

For summer celebrations like the Fourth of July, you can set yourself up with Simply Southern shirts to make an impression just the same. There’s plenty more fun that happens in the summer than just going to the beach - although that is iconic beach fun. There are also fireworks, barbecues and other cookouts, and warm summer nights with family and friends. If you want to look the part for those gatherings, pick up one of Simply Southern’s Pride Tide Tees, that come bearing the words “Proud To Be An American.” It’s pretty hard to wear those words out, and this shirt makes the most of it. Plus it comes on a red, white, and blue tie-dyed tee with a cute image of a bee decked out by the stars and stripes.

Simply Southern Shirts for the Cooler Months

Summer isn’t the only time you’ll want to look your best and celebrate your southern pride, and there’s no reason you should be able to deck yourself out in your finest gear all year long. Who cares that you’re stuck inside throughout most of the winter? Certainly not Simply Southern, who has designed a full collection of long sleeve tee shirts that are every bit as new and cute as their summer shirts.

Part of what’s interesting about the design of so many Simply Southern shirts is that even with their long sleeve offerings they bring in a feeling of warmth and summer. Consider their collection of “Blessed” shirts that offer a declaration of gratitude for so many blessed nanas and grandmothers out there. These shirts are created on black backgrounds and are offered in long sleeve configurations to keep you warm, but at the same time, they make the most use of a bright, warm image of a sunflower to catch the eye. It brings a little bit of spring and summer into even the darkest of winter days. Besides, the shirt itself is an exultation of joy and grace.

Running in a similar vein is Simply Southern’s Trust long sleeve tee. This shirt is much more brightly colored than the former model and it is reminiscent of some of their lighter summer tees. Tie-dyed and with the image of a calming blue wave, this shirt is inscribed with the words “Trust God,” as though nothing else remains to be said. It is a colorful offering with an even more inspiring central message. It’s also a great one to keep you warm when the winter drags on.

Then you have options in Simply Southern shirts like their Simply Southern Mountain Hair Long Sleeve Shirt. It doesn’t overbear or overwhelm with presentation, as it is printed on the base of a gray tee-shirt, but it comes with the image of a car which is presumably loaded up for camping in the mountains and bears the words “Mountain Hair Don’t Care.” A common thread with Simply Southern’s designs is that they emphasize the simple, important things, and this is a great example of that.

Simply southern more long sleeve tee

Then you have designs that are created with fall in mind instead of winter. Consider the Simply Southern More Long Sleeve tee, which is unassuming from its name but more than colorful and inviting in design. That uncertainty gets quickly dispelled as soon as you see what is written on the shirt - the words “Do More of What You Love.” It couldn’t be simpler or more direct, and there might be no more poignant message than that anywhere. It is printed on a bright orange background, reminiscent of harvest pumpkins. The shirt is decorated with them, in fact, but they appear with whimsical colors and patterns that are a slant on fancy.


Just when you thought there were no more surprises to come out of Simply Southern, you have to check out their collection of outerwear, clothes for guys, and other accessories if you’re really going to build out your southern wardrobe. Besides, a long sleeve tee can be cozy, it won’t be that cozy to wear to bed. Outerwear is much better winterwear than simple long-sleeve tees. Don’t miss these options.

Be sure you check out Simply Southern’s hoodies before you go. They are available in a few cute patterns and all of them are snug and cozy, perfect for keeping in the car or by the door for those unexpectedly brisk days. As an example, consider their Simply Southern Hoodie Bee Coral, with the words “Bee Kind” inscribed over a beautiful coral sweatshirt. You can also choose from their Grace Aqua and USA Gray hoodies. All of them are luxuriously warm and comfortable, not to mention stylish and easy on the eyes.

You can also pick up a kimono or a cardigan from Simply Southern right on our website, and depending on the circumstances, these might be even more fitting. Consider their Simply Southern Wild Zen Kimono in a Sunflower pattern, which will excel not only at keeping you warm but keeping you stylish. By the same token, you might want to investigate other offerings to make a match for your different Simply Southern outfits. On our site, you can find kimonos and cardigans in many colors to match just about any style.


Leopard boots

Part of what makes building out an outfit with Simply Southern fashion so enjoyable is that you’re not left out in the cold when you need to turn to the other elements of your outfit besides the shirt or the jacket. With Simply Southern, you can complete the outfit with shoes and accessories, and even a hat if you so wish.

Don’t be so quick to forget that oftentimes the rest of an outfit is built around the shoes. There are times when the shoes are the absolute foundation of an outfit and in many cases set the stage for the rest of your getup. You as the wearer have the ability to make this the case or pair yourself with plain shoes, but know that you can pick out boots from Simply Southern that you can mix and match with your other Simply Southern clothing and accessories to come up with a really unique look. For example, you can pick out one of their Bootie Heels in a black, tan, or leopard print and match it to your outfit if you want a little class and some extra levity.

Don’t forget to accessorize with the perfect hat to compliment your outfit especially if you will be taking the outdoors head-on. Simply Southern produces some really cute and widely compatible hats that we offer at Girls ‘Round Here so your outfit can be complete.

If you’re looking for a cap to keep the sun out of your eyes, you can find many colorful but equally functional caps right here on our site. Check out our Simply Southern 4x4 Jeep Burgundy Hat and see if you can make it a match for one of your Simply Southern shirts or other outfits. By the same token you could choose one of their brighter hats like their Camper Hat in rich aqua and pink or their Patrol Jeep Hat in hot pink and blue.

Of course, you can still accessorize your outfit even with a new hat and pair of boots to go with your Simply Southern Style. Don’t miss the chance to pick out some accessories so you can go about your life in the utmost of style. If you’re looking for accessories like jewelry, you will be dazzled by our collection of Simply Southern earrings, necklaces, and bangles, and we have plenty of them. There’s more than enough style to go around. You might also be interested in picking up a Simply Southern bag to keep all of your belongings organized and on hand - we have plenty of them in our store. You can also find Simply Southern cords, drinkware, can coolers, phone stands, and many more accessories right on our site. Check out our full collection of Simply Southern accessories here.

Our collection of Simply Southern wear and gear goes far beyond the Simply Southern shirts we investigated here. If you really want to build out your collection of SS gear, then you’ll have to do some shopping legwork and pick out the styles that appeal to you. Check out our collections on our pages of SS gear and find what speaks to you.

And while you’re shopping, don’t forget to take a look through some of our collections in other designers too. We offer plenty of favorites from Southern Fried Cotton, Southern Marsh, Life Is Good, and many more - and you can find them all in one convenient place - right here.