We have this hope as an anchor for the soul

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Let me just start by saying, I cannot believe this is the last week of October. October is one of my favorite months because of all of the festivities that are in the month. For one, the weather finally feels like FALL. We have had some pretty cold days for Fall these past weeks, but the days where it is in the 70’s make up for it. Another fun event to do is going to pick a pumpkin from a pumpkin patch. Sadly, I did not get to make it to a pumpkin patch yet this year, but I did get a pretty one from Food Lion(; My favorite event that happens in Raleigh, NC in the month of October is the NC State Fair. I absolutely love the fair. It is a great place to hang out with friends and family to just relax and make memories. My favorite part of the fair, of course, is the FOOD. I have personally not tried any crazy items the fair has to offer, but I do have my fair traditions I always have to get. They include corn on the cob and a fried snickers. Every single time I have been to the fair that I remember, these food items are always in my belly by the end of the night. 

Now I do not know when the fair is for all you reading this, but I would love to hear some of your fun foods you have tried or traditions that you and your family always do when the fair comes to town(:

Most of you know October is breast cancer awareness month. I love that we have set aside a month to honor those who are fighting breast cancer and for the people who have been affected by breast cancer. We still have many breast cancer shirts that you can purchase to show your support not just in October, but all throughout the year. We have so many to choose from. Some of the sayings our shirts say are: “Hope anchors the soul”, “There’s no place like hope”, “Tackle breast cancer”, and my favorite “Kiss breast cancer goodbye”. These can all be found on our website just by typing one of those sayings in on our search bar. The shirts I mentioned and many more are all found under our  “Think Pink” section located on our home page. These shirts are a perfect way to show your support for people who have fought or are fighting breast cancer.

Since this is breast cancer month, I chose the verse that many people who are fighting breast cancer and people who have been affected by breast cancer cling to. It is Hebrews 6:19 “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul…” No matter what we go through in life, with Jesus by our side we have hope. If God brings us to a problem; He will bring us through it. God will never give us something we can not handle. God is the one who gives us hope and the energy to keep going and to not give up.

I hope everyone has a safe and a fun Halloween this Saturday. Don’t get too scared and eat lots of candy(:


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