What We Love about Simply Southern Shirts

At Girls ‘Round Here, we have one of the internet’s largest collections of diverse southern-inspired apparel and accessories. We pride ourselves on the fact that we provide our customers with a number of different original styles to celebrate everything from a mood to a holiday season, and our customers know they can come to us first when they are looking for something new from their favorite brand. Whether you come here looking for something from Southern Marsh, Southern Fried Cotton, Life Is Good, Southern Couture, or any of our other brands, you can be confident that you will find plenty on our website.

All of this goes along with our vision of providing our customers with an outlet through which they can express themselves while staying true to their Southern roots. There is an unmistakable presence of style that goes along with Southern fashion; you know it, and we know you know it. That’s why when you visit our website you can find so many different highlights that illustrate the impression of Southern style.

One of our favorite designers, and one of our perennial best selling brands, is Simply Southern. They make a lot more than just shirts, but Simply Southern shirts are some of the most unique and attractive designs in all of Southern fashion today, and so we make sure we serve up plenty of their most piquant picks.

But what is it that we love so much about Simply Southern shirts? Well, there’s more than one thing. We love the fact that their history is so colorful, we love the fact that their designs are personally imbued with that color, and we love the originality. We love the fact that you can find a Simply Southern design to encapsulate and define any mood or feeling or to grace any outfit. Here’s what we love about Simply Southern shirts, and we’re sure you love this about them too.

Colorful History

Simply Southern may not have the longest history in the world of southern-inspired fashion, but their immense popularity and their loyal following should be a testament to the undeniable beauty and endearing nature of their designs. Simply Southern might be a more consistent crown pleaser than any other brand out there and believe us when we say we sell a lot of favorites at Girls ‘Round Here.

Simply Southern’s story began back in 2005 with the vision of one person, who wanted to create and provide unique clothing at reasonable prices that were “simply southern” in its design and spirit. Moved by the values of attention to detail, compassion for others, and the importance of taking the time to slow down and smell the roses and appreciate life, Simply Southern’s founder created unique, attractive designs, and have been guided by those maxims ever since.

Those first few unique designs were so popular that Simply Southern grew from its existence as a small kiosk to its huge supplier that it is today. Nowadays, even a quick look through our catalog of Simply Southern clothing and accessories will yield you up a wealth of different styles that can be mixed and matched to great effect.

Don’t think that Simply Southern’s wholesome image begins and ends with that ‘image,’ by the way. It turns out there’s much more to appreciate about Simply Southern than the fact that they can provide so many unique styles. In keeping with the principles aforementioned, Simply Southern recognizes the importance of doing good and giving back. Since their beginnings, they have donated over $2 million in funds and merchandise, partially funded by proceeds from their customers. That means that supporting Simply Southern won’t just give you a whole new look, it will give you a way to give back as well!

Lots of Cute Styles

In everything that we’ve touched so far, we haven’t even scratched the surface of what we love so much about Simply Southern shirts. It’s a great thing that their organization is driven by charity and humanity, and great that their designs are so well received by fans (it’s one of the most highly received brands in Southern Fashion and in fashion in general) but probably the thing we love most about Simply Southern is the fact that they provide so many cute styles to their customers.

We’re sure you feel the same way about them, and if you don’t you will if you spend only a few minutes looking through a collection of Simply Southern shirts. To say there are lots of cute styles would simply be an understatement of what they provide in terms of style. There’s such as profusion of originality in their collection of shirts and accessories that it’s intimidating just to pick a place to start.

There are few other designers out there that can claim to provide as much diversity in terms of cute styles as Simply Southern can. We’ll get more into the number of different themes they offer shortly, but suffice it to say that no matter what mood or impressions you which to compliment or emulate, you can do it with a Simply Southern shirt. Are you proud of your agricultural heritage? Then complement your look with one of their shirts that calls attention to a farm theme. Perhaps you’re just looking for something cute with another animal motif like a turtle or a dog; you can find a number of designs on those fronts from Simply Southern.

If you’re shopping for a new look, first figure out what you want to go for. Are you looking for something to celebrate your feelings of gratitude? Are you looking for something light, bright, and sunny? Are you looking for something around which you can build a more complete outfit? Figure out the theme and the colors you’re going for and the rest will fall into place!

Bright Colors

On that note, something else we just love about Simply Southern shirts, and all of their designs, for that matter, is the fact that they offer so many different bright designs in colors. It just seems like so many designers are really afraid to blow the lid off the old palette and that it restricts their creativity and the diversity of their finished designs. The same cannot be said for Simply Southern, and not by any stretch at that. They have opened up a tube of at least one of every color of paint, so to speak, and they let it fly. You can go way past red, blue, black, and white in their designs, and sometimes that’s exactly what your wardrobe needs.

Simply Southern’s catalog is absolutely rife with bright colors, and, what’s better, color combinations that will entirely rejuvenate your wardrobe and give you so much flexibility with pairing and matching. Even if you don’t match them with Simply Southern wear, the fact that they offer so many bright colors means that you’ll never be on the outs with finding a match for another outfit. Sometimes finding a compatible color is the hardest part of matching up outfits, and with Simply Southern that phenomenon can be a thing of the past.

Sure, there are more than enough bright blues and pinks in their catalog to go around, but have you ever noticed how hard it is to find a cute shirt in green? Have you ever noticed how hard it can be to find a yellow or orange shirt with a cute design that works with some of your other pieces of clothing? Not only can you find a pair for mixing and matching in our catalog of Simply Southern wear, but you’ll also find several.

Original Themes

Something else you’ll just learn to love when you get more familiar with Simply Southern shirts is the fact that there are just so many themes in their collection of shirts and other clothing. We touched on this briefly, earlier in this article, but there’s almost nothing you can’t find a Simply Southern t-shirt for if you really set aside some time to look.

Are you someone who spends your summer days by the surf at the beach, soaking up the sun and living the good life with a drink in hand? Perhaps you are someone who dreams of the trail while you are at work and put in your time so you can get off the grid and back to what matters most. Maybe you are a person who loves your furry children above everything else in the world. The case may even be that you love nothing more than showing off your patriotic pride. In the latter case, Simply Southern offers an absolute abundance of designs in t-shirts and other accessories that will let you show your red, white, and blue spirit with pride and prominence.

However, this is only an extremely microcosmic view of the diverse number of themes that Simply Southern has created in all of their designs. It would actually be impossible to enumerate all of the different themes and styles that they offer in their collection; the only way to get through it all is to set aside some time and go through their collection. You’ll find designs that you love and you might even find a little something special for yourself to bring home.

They Have a Lot MoreThan Just Shirts!

Something else to notice about Simply Southern is the fact that they don’t just offer shirts. As great as a collection of Simply Southern tees and other designs in shirts may be, they can provide you with so much more, and the accessories are sometimes what makes the outfit. Even here on our website, you can find sandals and slip-on shoes as well as outerwear, so if you just want to give a little bit of a Simply Southern accent to your wardrobe, you can find it here first. Check out our full collection of Simply Southern clothing and accessories to find something to suit your fancy today.


Something else that stacks the deck in favor of our collection of Simply Southern styles is the fact that we offer plenty of cute designs in dresses on top of their other picks in clothing and accessories. The dresses we offer here are a mix of the unique, cute elements that pervade the rest of our collection. Bright, noticeable, cute, even whimsical at times, our dresses are versatile enough to use in a number of different settings.

We recognize that a dress doesn’t always fit the bill for an occasion, but at the same time, no wardrobe is complete without a summer dress or a sundress for when the occasion does call for it. Check out our collection of dresses to find the perfect match for your personal sense of style; you’ll find that you can match many of them seamlessly with some of our favorite Simply Southern accessories.

Don’t Miss Our Other Top Picks and Accessories

While we do love Simply Southern for all of the reasons that we have mentioned here and then some, at Girls ‘Round Here we make a name for ourselves by offering a little bit of everything. That means that we offer your other favorite brands like SoFriCo or Southern Fried Cotton, Life Is Good, Girlie Girl Originals, Southern Marsh, and more. In fact, we offer so many different brands that we had to dedicate a portion of our menu to make it easier for our visitors to shop through our collection by the brand. And, while you’re here, don’t forget that you can find a number of accessories here on our website, including but not limited to wallets, lanyards, cups and tumblers, shoes, outerwear, and much more.

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