Hey Dude Mikka Hawk Safari
Hey Dude Mikka Hawk Safari
Hey Dude Mikka Hawk Safari

Hey Dude Mikka Hawk Safari

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Hey Dude Shoes

Set your own pace in the sleek profiled Mikka, and mix the ideal blend of everyday comfort with the support of a slip-on loafer. The Mikka has extra ankle support and a wide elastic band under the tongue to aid stability.

Style features include a stretch knit upper, bold contrasting stitching, additional paneling and detailing, patterned lining and microfiber heel cups, finished with a raw edge, sewn over seam. Includes leather-lined, memory foam insoles with antibacterial properties.


  • Stretch knit material
  • Relaxed fit
  • Ridgelight sole unit
  • Weight 180grms
  • Ultralight outsole
  • Machine washable cold
  • Leather-lined, removable anatomic insole

LADIES! Want a pair for yourself? No worries! Just choose the Mens size below your typical shoe size (ex: If you wear a size 9W you would select a size 8M). This fit is especially great for a wider foot.

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