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If you’re a fan of the southern lifestyle, you know how often you have to switch from loungewear to activewear, to casual wear, to party wear. Part of the southern spirit is jumping around from quality time with the fam to dinner nights out with friends, and we get that! That’s why we started this southern fashion blog—to help you keep your style coordinated when you have a busy life.

Read this country living blog for styling advice, trend information, outfit ideas, and more. We hope we can bring a touch of charm and inspiration into your life with the Girls Round Here blog!

A Look at Our Popular Selection of T-Shirts

22nd Sep 2020

If you browse through our clothes, accessories, and lifestyle products on our website, there’s no doubt that each and every one of our pieces represents the southern lifestyle in their own way.We ta … read more

Six Great Uses for a Simply Southern Lanyard

1st Sep 2020

Simply Southern makes some of the most fashionable accessories - and some of the most fashionable clothing - that you will find. If you are someone who likes to show off your pride in your Southern … read more

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