Class, Grace, Love, and Fashion

19th Sep 2018

When you look in the mirror, what is it you see? Do you see a fierce individual with a style all her own? If this is the case, you should come join our family at Girls ‘Round Here. We offer pieces to … read more

Your New Favorite Shirt

16th Aug 2018

Although summer is a celebration for many, the prospect of staying stylish in hot weather can be quite daunting! Sometimes, it’s frustrating to sift through your wardrobe for the right outfit, and kee … read more

Humble and Kind

Posted by Bridgette on 22nd Jan 2016

If I could sing a Blessing over my children...If I had one "last" wish for them...This song embodies the depth of my deepest desires, and the essence of the character I hope to instill within their So … read more